Protocol 1 on the Establishment of a Coal and Steel Contact Group (Corfu, June 24, 1994)

Authentic text

(Corfu, 24 June 1994)

1. A contact group is established between the Parties. The group is composed of representatives of the Community and of Russia.

2. The contact group exchanges information on the situation of the coal and steel industries in both territories and on trade between them, particularly with the purpose of identifying such problems as might arise.

3. The contact group also examines the situation of the coal and steel industries at world level, including developments in international trade.

4. The contact group exchanges all useful information on the structure of the industries concerned, the development of their production capacities, the science and research progress in the relevant fields, and the evolution of employment. The group also examines pollution and environmental problems.

5. The contact group also examines the progress made in the framework of technical assistance between the Parties, including assistance to financial, commercial and technical management.

6. The contact group exchanges all relevant information as to attitudes taken, or to be taken, in the appropriate international organizations or fora.

7. As and when both Parties agree that the presence and/or participation of representatives of the industries is appropriate, the contact group is enlarged to include them.

8. The contact group meets twice a year, alternately on the territories of each Party.

9. The chairmanship of the contact group is held alternately by a representative of the Commission of the European Communities and a representative of the Government of the Russian Federation.