Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Articles of Agreement (Beijing, on June 29, 2015) (not in force)

Authentic text

(Beijing, on June 29, 2015)

The countries on whose behalf the present Agreement is signed agree as follows:

CONSIDERING the importance of regional cooperation to sustain growth and promote economic and social development of the economies in Asia and thereby contribute to regional resilience against potential financial crises and other external shocks in the context of globalization;

ACKNOWLEDGING the significance of infrastructure development in expanding regional connectivity and improving regional integration, thereby promoting economic growth and sustaining social development for the people in Asia, and contributing to global economic dynamism;

REALIZING that the considerable long-term need for financing infrastructure development in Asia will be met more adequately by a partnership among existing multilateral development banks and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (hereinafter referred to as the "Bank");

CONVINCED that the establishment of the Bank as a multilateral financial institution focused on infrastructure development will help to mobilize much needed additional resources from inside and outside Asia and to remove the financing bottlenecks faced by the individual economies in Asia, and will complement the existing multilateral development banks, to promote sustained and stable growth in Asia;

HAVE AGREED to establish the Bank, which shall operate in accordance with the following:

DONE at Beijing, People's Republic of China on June 29, 2015, in a single original deposited in the archives of the Depository, whose English, Chinese and French texts are equally authentic.